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Dr. Deepak Vangani
M.S., M.Ch.(Mumbai)

Dr Deepak Vangani is a known spine surgeon who trained in Bombay University presently working as consultant Neuro-spinal Surgeon in Jaipur (INDIA).

Specialist in out patient Minimally invasive Neck & Back Herniated Disc Surgery. Dr Vangani has vast experience and he has one of the largest series of Minimally Invasive Herniated Disc Surgery in India.

FACT :- Not all Surgeons are alike, Innovations in Surgical Technology have enabled a handful of uniquely trained Surgeons to perform minimally disruptive surgery, resulting in less discomfort and faster recovery for the patient.

Dr Vangani has specialized in minimally invasive surgery for Herniated Cervical and Lumbar Discs. These unique out patient procedures frequently allows patient to feel relief immediately after the surgery is complete. The surgery usually last only 30 minutes.

After the surgery, majority of the Herniated Cervical disc patient relieved of their neck and arm pain and Lumbar Herniated disc patients are relieved of their back and leg pain. Using an operating microscope Dr Vangani also performs more traditional spinal operations such as anterior cervical discectomy for Cervical Spine Spondylosis and Lumbar Laminectomy for spinal stenosis.

Many of our patients are physically active and are involved in various sports activity. Dr Vangani is keenly aware of their need to return to their previous performance level and tries very hard to achieve it. Also because of Dr Vangani's reputation, many of his patients come from various fields of medicine i.e. physician, nurses, gynecologist, psychologist as well as policeman, fireman, bank employees etc.

Dr Vangani frequently presents lecture and live demonstration of procedure of Cervical and Lumbar disc at many places in India.

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